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BeatBox founder, Kirstin Millard, was on a mission to develop a beauty business that she was not only passionate about, but also one that would make impact on people’s lives. While studying business administration and entrepreneurship during her undergrad college career, she soon became determined to discover just what that business would look like. Mixing her passion for beauty with her desire to see women self-empowered, BeatBox was born!

In the beauty world, the term “beat” is used to describe someone whose makeup looks flawless. Common phrases you’ll hear beauty enthusiasts use include “Your face is beat!, You beat that face!, or that was a quick beat!” Simultaneously, to beat something means “to produce (an attitude, idea, habit, etc.); by repeated efforts; to achieve victory.” Identifying this link between these two meanings of the word beat birthed BeatBox’s core mission, to encourage and empower people to “beat” life’s tough situations. Our goal is to encourage those who come in contact with the BeatBox movement to realize that they possess the answer to their life’s problem’s and have the ability to beat whatever their situation may be, because the answer resides on the inside of you! BeatBox, in an essence, is BEAUTY with PURPOSE.

Kirstin was able to produce a beauty product that encompassed her passion for beauty while also encouraging customers and others to BEAT the circumstances of those sometimes difficult situations that present themselves throughout one’s life. With each BeatBox sold, we include a story of someone who did just that, in the hopes that it will encourage another to get through their own tough situation. We also give 10% of our sales to a different initiative each month to help them BEAT the odds against their respective organizations and continue their work in making the world a better place.

See, were not just your typical beauty brand. We are ALL about, aligning BEAUTY with PURPOSE at BeatBox!

With love, passion, BEAUTY and PURPOSE,
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The Owner


Beauty obsessed, a lover of curating new things, a people person and a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit perfectly describes our owner and lead visionary K. Niche. By the time she was a teenager she knew that she would own her own company. She graduated, at the top of her class, from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship. While in school she began to visualize her dreams by writing down numerous ideas, but she ultimately wanted to do something she would be passionate about & that would make impact …The answer was BeatBox! BeatBox gives K. Niche the avenue to provide a great product, connect with others, and build people’s self-confidence all at the same time! These are three things that she has always been passionate about. BeatBox by K. Niche is her first “real” business venture. As a child she had many! LOL BeatBox will impact the lives of many because it’s not just about being beautiful…It’s about BEAUTY with PURPOSE!

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Product Deets

BeatBox was created with the everyday beauty enthusiasts in mind! When thinking about what she wanted BeatBox to encompass, Kirstin wanted three things, quality, fluidity, and simplicity.

Quality: When choosing the cosmetic formula, Kirstin made sure to try out several options as well as wear the product herself prior to deciding. Doing this allowed Kirstin to ensure the formula selection was of good quality (great pigment, easy on sensitive skin, etc.), and something she herself would use.

Fluidity: This aspect is all about ensuring women of different skin tones and skin types could wear the products across the board. With this in mind, quite some time was spent analyzing color choices and tones to ensure anyone could rock the BeatBox products!

Simplicity: A focus on selecting products that are essential to the everyday beauty regime. Most beauty enthusiasts know there are few beauty products that are absolute game changers! What we mean by game changer is that there are certain beauty products that immediately enhance your look with nothing else applied. Those products that are life savers when you’re in a rush and need a quick application to turn your look around. One product that definitely does this happens to be our beauty editor’s fave, mascara!

In addition, Kirstin wanted to ensure her products comprised top trends and beauty classics. Each BeatBox will include five of BeatBox’s curated staple beauty products that are essential to an everyday quick beat!

As you can tell, much thought went into the development of BeatBox. Kirstin knew she wanted a beauty product offering anyone would feel comfortable using, and this required attention to details in all aspects. From the person who is just learning about makeup application to the top make-up artists (MUA) in the industry, BeatBox is for YOU.

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